Stanley Ride Information

May 18, 2019

Wheels roll at 8:00am

Please read                 before signing up

Based upon rider and committee feedback last year, there are

some changes this year - please read the following carefully

1.  MEMBERS ONLY EVENT - Cost: $30 

2. SAGs: This year, everyone is being asked to offer to drive a sag segment -

     it's what makes the ride work and allows everyone the same opportunity to ride

     Please sign up for a segment on the Google Sheet so we can plan support 

     There are 4 sag segments and anticipate 8 vehicles, so 32 segments to sag.

     You might not be needed, but we all need to be open to driving sag

3. If all 40 riders stay in Stanley Saturday night and need a ride home on Sunday, we will

     need 8 vehicles to get everyone home on Sunday - we had difficulty getting enough 

     cars last year 

4. Lowman Ranger Station will be a well stocked aid station this year but no full lunch

5. You are asked to sign in at each aid station so we can keep track of everyone 

      It is for your safety!! If you prefer not to sign in, please let Dana know.

Registration closes Monday May 13 at 5:00pm MST

**Pre-ride meeting will be Thursday May 9 - please attend

Meeting spot TBD but plan to meet at 7:30am on Saturday morning of the ride

Bring a small bag if you are staying overnight - your bag will be taken to the motel prior to

     your arrival and be waiting for you there

     - Please have a name tag on your bag

     - Please do not leave anything valuable in your bag!!

Be ready to ride at 8:00am - arrive at 7:30am

Overnight at Mountain Village Resort in Stanley 

     - A block of rooms is reserved under Boise Aeros / Dana Fuller until April 28

     - $99 + tax per night for 'basic' room - recently remodeled room will be slightly more

     - Call for your reservation: 208-774-3483

     - You will be asked to give a credit card to reserve your room 

     - Cancellations must be made 1 week before check in time (May 11) for a refund 

Dinner in Stanley on Saturday night - join us at the Mountain Village Resort

     - Ordering in Brunee's Pizza, salad with beer and beverages

     - Cost is $15 per person - guests welcome

If you want to come back to Boise on Saturday evening, you need to provide your own


If you ride your bike back to Boise on Sunday, you must plan to be totally self-supported -

      NO sags unless you make your own arrangements


Go to the Google Sheet after you have paid  to sign up for sag segments

Limit of 40 riders  

NO refunds - you can transfer your spot to another Aeros member but please let us know

      to whom you gave your spot

Stanley Ride Committee Leader: Dana Fuller

     - Phone 208-789-3975   Email:

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