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The House of Pain (HOP) is a multi-rider cycling studio in downtown Boise. HOP Training Sessions  consist of progressive interval workouts with the objective to improve aerobic cycling fitness, power, pedal efficiency and general cycling fitness. Weekday rides are 1 hour and weekend rides are 2 hours. A baseline Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test is performed at the beginning of the season and about every 6 weeks throughout the season in order to measure progress and adjust a rider’s workouts. The season starts in November with a Conditioning block (6 weeks), followed by a Strength block (6-8 weeks) and then we move onto a Speed phase as race season approaches.


Each rider brings his or her own bike and places it on the CycleOps M2 bike stand, which is connected to a computer.  We use PerfPro Studio which runs an FTP based workout so that each person rides a workout based on their own power. PerfPro records watts, average and normalized power, mph, distance, cadence, left & right leg power splits, pedal stroke torque angles, heart rate and a number of other parameters. At the end of ride, PerfPro Analyzer generates a report of rider data, and an individual’s workout data is emailed to them immediately after the ride. You can follow your progress as the season progresses and watch yourself get stronger on the bike!!

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Whether you are into FTP% and ERG workouts, video workouts, course riding or all of the above, PerfPRO has you covered. And when your workout is complete, let Analyzer push workouts to your favorite website, automatically email your reports, and do extremely detailed analysis within. It has a metric ton of functionality.